Recently, some of our users have reported that they are encountering the windows Passive FTP Firewall.

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    How do I enable FTP passive mode?

    Summary This: Article explains how to enable IIS in passive mode via ftp for running servers first Amazon from EC2.Den

    Configure Routers To Allow FTP Connections

    How do I configure Windows Firewall for FTP server for passive mode?

    If you enable Windows Firewall in Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2003, FTP will only work in “active transfer mode”, NOT “passive mode”. Some FTP clients need passive transfer mode if they are behind a firewall. Therefore, some FTP printing services, such as Bloggerque, may only support passive FTP transfer.

    If you are hosting an Internet FTP computer on your internal network, you may need to configure FTP traffic to pass through your router/firewall to the actual FTP server on your network. .

    How do I allow FTP on Windows Firewall?

    To open the FTP Connector 21, you need to update your Windows Firewall settings.

    Command Line Firewall (all Issues Should Be Resolved In This Section)

    Run the following command from an elevated command prompt to create a new Windows Firewall rule that allows people to enter communication with your FTP server service viaThrough the appropriate command and additional data ports for all Internet Protocol addresses, and all classified networks of the Windows operating system with a profile scope.

    windows firewall ftp passive


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    When people turn on the Microsoft Windows Firewall on Windows Server 2008/2003, FTP only works in “active transfer mode”, NOT in “passive transfer mode”. Some FTP clients require passive mode when behind a firewall. In addition, some FTP services, publications such as, may only support File Transfer Protocol Passive transfer mode. Your

    windows firewall ftp passive

    Configure Your Firewall

    open the firewall panel, press most of the windows keys on your keyboard and start typing firewall. The result should be Windows Firewall with Enhanced… You click and even press Enter.(Pro tip 😉 Press key + windows R → firewall.cpl Press → Enter)

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