In recent days, some of our readers have encountered an error while uninstalling programs in Windows Mobile 6.1. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. Now we will discuss them.

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    how to uninstall programs in windows mobile 6.1

    How do I uninstall an App on Windows 6?

    If you do have apps on your computer that most of you no longer need, you can easily uninstall them to free up disk space and make your Start menu cleaner. Windows 10 and Windows 20 come with a built-in uninstall option that can be accessed from the Start menu, Settings, and Control Panel.

    Uninstall Apps Using Windows Mobile Device Center

    Most new PCs ship with Windows 7, and with this operating system there is no need to download ActiveSync because Windows 7 (and Windows Vista before it) comes standard Windows Mobile Device Center, an application for synchronizing devices with a computer that works very similar to ActiveSync 4.5.

    This Usually Results In People Using Windows Mobile – Uninstall Device Center

    Looks like that many users remove programs such as Windows Mobile Device Center from their systems. Some uninstall issues, while other issues appear, the program below will definitely fix it.

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    Possible Issues While Uninstalling Mobile Windows 6.1 Hot Fix Sending For POP And IMAP Email 1.0

    * Sending isWindows Mobile 6.1 for POP and IMAP 1.0 email is not listed in the Programs and Features list. * You may not have sufficient rights to uninstall Windows Mobile 6.1 Hot Fix Sending for POP and IMAP E-mail 1.0. * The file required to complete most of these uninstalls will not work. * An error has occurred. Not all computers were successfully removed. * Another process using the file is preventing the removal of Windows Mobile 6.1 Hot Fix Sending for POP and IMAP 1.0 email. Windows Mobile 6.1 Hot Fix Sending for POP and IMAP E-mail 1.0 Files* and folders may end up on your hard drive after being deleted.

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    If someone installs a PC-side program on a mobile device, even if you uninstall the program from the device, the PC permanently keeps a record of the programs downloaded to the device in the registry:

    how to uninstall programs in windows mobile 6.1

    Successful Reinstallation

    For a successful installation, wmdc ensures that the downloaded WMDC setup file is not just corrupt or incomplete. Good copies with installer are available for all 64-bit and 32-bit linksm in the Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync).

    Upgrade To The Latest Version Of Windows Mobile Using A Custom ROM

    One The first thing you can do to make your Windows Mobile device perform as well as possible better is to update the operating system ROM to the latest version. Your device already has an updated ROM from the OEM or carrier to install it; Check your phone manufacturer’s website to see if they offer it.

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