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    If you are getting the error “how to disable the integrated graphics card in BIOS“, this guide has been written to help you.

    Step 1

    Restart your home computer. While the computer is performing POST (power on, self test), a message will appear indicating which key to press to access “Settings” or “BIOS”. On most computers, the key to enter the BIOS is either “ESC”, “F1”, “F2”, “F10”, or “DEL”.

    How do I disable the onboard video card built into my motherboard?

    Once this process is complete, reboot your system and even enter the system BIOS (check out the manual to find out how). It depends on the device, but often you will find a huge list of built-in devices. Enter this setting and look for the video or display boot priority indication, then select “Auto” or “PCI-e/PCI/AGP” depending on the card you purchased. When you’re done, save your settings (usually F10, then Y to confirm), then shut down your computer completely.

    You Must Disable The Card’s Integrated Graphics If You Have A Dedicated Dedicated Graphics Card?

    As mentioned before, there is no need to disable iGPU on a laptop if you have a dedicated graphics card, as Podium will take care of automatic view switchingcards on laptops. .

    How To Disable Integrated Graphics In BIOS 10?

    0:171:53How Windows disables integrated graphics – YouTubeYouTubeStart of recommended clip End of clip from suggestions section, but you can switch to another options menu. After the BIOS name. But ChangeMoreSection can be another menu item. From the bios manufacturer. Change how you want the built-in graphics settings to be disabled or disabled by pressing Enter to cycle through the options.

    how do i disable my onboard video card in bios

    Is It Possible To Disable The Internal Graphics?

    Don’t choose “Remove” every the time it is needed, continues to cause problems. START > Control Panel > System > Select Hardware tab > Device Manager > Video Cards. Right-click on the specified display (usually the Intel Integrated Graphics Accelerator) and select DISABLE.

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