It’s worth checking out these troubleshooting ideas if you’re getting an etherchannel debug error on your computer.

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    Check EtherChannel

    As always, when setting up devices on your site, you should check your configuration. If there are any problems, you should also be able to troubleshoot and fix them. This section provides commands to test some common EtherChannel problems and solutions.

    Website Basics

    debug 626 etherchannelAppendix B Cisco Catalyst 3020 Blade Switch for HP OrdersAir channel debuggingUse the etherchannel debug privileged EXEC statement to enable EtherChannel/PAgP wrapper debugging. This wrapper is a product module whose interface affects the port and port protocol aggregation (pagp) software module and the system module of the port manager software. Use the unconnected form of this command to disable debugging.Debugging Etherchannel [details | | corruption | Event | idb]no etherchannel debugging [full details | | error | Exhibition Idb]description | syntaxAll part errors are IDB compliant(Optional) View all maintenance releases of EtherChannel. Detail display (optional)but) EtherChannel debugging instructions. (Optional) Show etherchannel debug errors. (Optional) Debugging important meeting messages about EtherChannel. (Optional) Displays a handle to the interface. For pagp, debug messages are excluded.Note. While help lines on the command line are visible, the important non-line map is supported.default valuesDebugging disabled.modesPrivileged commandsHistoric 12-man executive teamVersion.2(25)SEFEdit This command line was entered.Acceptable Use PolicyIn any case, if you specify the keyword, all debug information will be displayed. “undebug The etherchannel command” is very similar to the “debug etherchannel” command.b-10Cisco Blade Switch Ordering Code for HP 3020OL-8916-01

    debug etherchannel

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