If you have BIOS settings in the windows displayed on your system, this guide can help you.

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    to youWith luck, your computer will show the appropriate key after power on to access the entire BIOS or UEFI. Usually these are the [Delete] or [Delete], [F1], [f8], [f2], [f10] and [Esc] keys. Here you can see all the entry keys for the BIOS.

    bios-einstellungen im windows anzeigen

    What Is BIOS?

    Welche Einstellungen werden im BIOS vorgenommen?

    Adapt your PC or laptop,you and dare to change the instant messaging settings in the BIOS.We will show you how to open, edit and save settings.

    BIOS – Basic System Input Output – is the software installed on your computer’s motherboard. This ensures that the components of the equipment and its commissioning work together correctly.on computers, the BIOS calls the operating system to action.

    Windows 10: How To Open The BIOS (UEFI) Through The Settings

    Newer computers with Windows 10 no longer have a BIOS, but through the so-called UEFI . If you can’t find the settings in this guide on a PC, follow the instructions in the third paragraph.

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    Challenge Windows 10 UEFI To Login

    en through Windows 10 is often called by UEFI This is the BIOS version. no longer works Provides a graphical user interface. new Most PCs have UEFI instead of BIOS. This can be called directly through Windows.

    Here’s How It Works

    Through the Bios menu Arrow keys that select, select From the menu, items are best use Enter or switch with return key to go there.[Esc] By pressing you will return to the previous item of the initial menu. The settings in bios are usually either enabled (enabled) or disabled (disabled). control of some equipment. You can change the BIOS, for example, adjust the clock speed, adjust the boot order, or from the motherboard connection. You can read more about this and about combining BIOS and UEFI in the article “Updating the BIOS”. And you also need to update before making any changes.

    bios-einstellungen im windows anzeigen

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